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Norwich Township / City of Hilliard COVID-19 Information & Resources


The Safety Services Building is currently CLOSED due to Covid-19 and administrative staff are working remotely.

Norwich Township provides services to members of the greater Hilliard area. Fire, Rescue, and EMS services are provided by the Norwich Township Fire Department. The Cemetery and Road Crew provide snow removal, road maintenance, and burial services within the township. The township is managed by a Board of Trustees and a Financial Officer. We are glad you are visiting our site and please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or further inquiry into township services.


Norwich FireThe Norwich Township Fire Department provides fire prevention, suppression, Emergency Medical Services and fire safety/prevention education programs for the residents of Norwich Township.
The Norwich Township Fire Department consists of 86 full-time firefighters at three stations, which includes an administrative staff of five who manage Prevention Programs and Services, Training, and Emergency Medical Services. The department's three stations are strategically located within the township to facilitate quick response time on emergency calls to any part of the township.
Mission Statement:
The Norwich Township Fire Department is dedicated to providing quality professional services to those who live, work, invest or visit this community; protecting lives and property from fire and harm through continuous education, code enforcement, emergency and non-emergency services.


Wesley Chapel CemeteryNorwich Township owns, operates and maintains Wesley Chapel Cemetery, located at 3225 Dublin Road in Hilliard.  This cemetery has been in existence in Norwich Township since 1835.  Currently, Wesley Chapel Cemetery is open every day from daylight to sunset.


Norwich Township RoadsNorwich Township Roads Department is responsible for maintaining the roads within the unincorporated areas of Norwich Township.  Norwich Township partners with other townships, Franklin County and the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District to meet the requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) Phase II Storm Water Program.

Township Offices Roads & Wesley Chapel Cemetery
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