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Norwich Township is here to serve you, our residents. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us using the information below.

Township Administration (614) 876-7694
Tim Roberts, Chairman (614) 565-7100
Chuck Buck, Vice Chairman (614) 876-5377
Larry Earman (614) 876-4767

Fiscal Officer
Jamie Miles (Jamie_Miles@NorwichTownship.org)

Township Administration
Jamie Fisher, Township Administrator (Jamie_Fisher@NorwichTownship.org)
Pam Brannon, Administrative Assistant (Pam_Brannon@NorwichTownship.org)
Fire Administration (614) 876-7694

Fire Administration
Fire Chief Jeff Warren (Jeff_Warren@NorwichTownship.org)
Assistant Fire Chief Greg Young (Greg_Young@NorwichTownship.org)
Bureau Chief Lamar Sweigart (Lamar_Sweigart@norwichtownship.org)

Battalion Chief Chris Grile - Unit 1 (Chris_Grile@NorwichTownship.org)
Battalion Chief Dave Baird - Unit 2 (Dave_Baird@NorwichTownship.org)
Battalion Chief Joe Russell - Unit 3 (Joe_Russell@NorwichTownship.org)

Captain Jeff Evans, Safety Coordinator (Jeff_Evans@NorwichTownship.org)
Captain Robert Fox, EMS Coordinator (Robb_Fox@NorwichTownship.org)
Captain Jake Wells, Training Coordinator (Jake_Wells@NorwichTownship.org)

Fire Prevention Administration (614) 876-7694

Fire Prevention Administration
Fire Marshal Scott Tigner, Prevention Bureau (Scott_Tigner@NorwichTownship.org)
Mildred Brooks, Prevention Administrative Assistant (Mildred Brooks@NorwichTownship.org)

Wesley Chapel Cemetery (614) 876-2236

Wesley Chapel Cemetery Administration
Robbie Thomas, Sexton (Robbie_Thomas@NorwichTownship.org)
Roads Department (614) 876-2236

Roads Department Administration
Robbie Thomas, Superintendent (Robbie_Thomas@NorwichTownship.org)

Fire Stations

Station 81 – 5181 Northwest Parkway (614) 876-3344
Station 82 – 2491 Walker Road (614) 527-6390
Station 83 – 4283 Davidson Road (614) 876-3076
Township Offices Roads & Wesley Chapel Cemetery
Fire Stations