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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Norwich Township use 9-1-1 as an emergency number?
A. Yes. The Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Center (NRECC) dispatchers answer emergency 9-1-1 calls from residents in the unincorporated areas of Norwich Township and the City of Hilliard. Depending on the call, the dispatcher will either notify the Hilliard Police Department or the Norwich Township Fire Department immediately of the situation.

Q. How do I apply for full time employment within the Norwich Township Fire Department? 
A. The Norwich Township Fire Department accepts completed applications only when a job position posting is placed on our website and on social media.  If applications are accepted, the following documents are required:
-  Ohio Firefighter II (240 hour) card
-  Ohio EMT Certification card
-  State of Ohio Driver's License
-  Driver's abstract

It is the policy of the Norwich Township Fire Department that applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 31, with one exception.  The applicant can be 35 years of age with a minimum of five consecutive years of experience as a full time firefighter immediately prior to being hired by Norwich Township.  In addition, an EMT-P certification is required for all full time firefighters working 56 hour shifts. 

Q. How do I schedule a fire inspection?
A. To schedule an inspection, call the Norwich Township Fire Department Prevention Bureau at (614) 876-3331. Please allow 48 hours prior to your requested inspection date.

Q. How can I get my carbon monoxide level checked in my house?
A. Carbon monoxide or CO is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. Due to this fact, it is very hard to detect the presence of CO in your environment. If you suspect a problem with the level of CO in your home, go outside and call 9-1-1 immediately. The Norwich Township Fire Department will be dispatched and will read the levels of CO in your home.

Q. How do I get a copy of a fire report?
A. Fire Incident Reports are available by calling (614) 876-3331 to request this report.

Q. What is a Knox Box and do I need one?
A. A Knox Box, or better known as a Key Lock Box, is a high security key box system designed to give emergency service personnel immediate access to a home. Any home or business in the unincorporated areas of Norwich Township, City of Hilliard or in the unincorporated areas of Brown Township that is equipped with an automatic fire alarm system must have a Key Lock Box installed. The master key to this Key Lock Box will be maintained by the Norwich Township Fire Department, which has sole responsibility to granting access to the home or business. Contact the Norwich Township Fire Department Prevention Bureau at (614) 876-3331 to obtain a Key Lock Box order form or for more information on the Key Lock Box.

Q. How do I properly dispose of a used or expired fire extinquisher?
A. To dispose of a fire extinguisher that cannot be recharged or you do not wish to keep, here are a few options:

  • Release any pressure contained in the canister by shooting a small amount into an open area.  Let the canister sit for a few days, making sure the pressure has been released.  Once there is no longer any pressure, dispose in a trash bag in your regular garbage.
  • Obtain disposal dates for the next Household Hazardous Waste Day from the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio website, www.swaco.org.  SWACO will accept fire extinguishers during limited business hours at their permanent facility located at 645 E. 8th Avenue, Columbus OH  43201.  Phone:  614-294-1300.
  • Contact any fire safety equipment dealer of your choosing to see if they will accept unwanted fire extinguishers.  These companies will likely charge a small disposal fee per extinguisher.
  • Some fire extinguishers are rechargeable as long as it is up to the current standards.  Contact a fire safety equipment dealer to determine if your fire extingisher is rechargeable.

Q. I saw a fire truck at a local supermarket and some of the crew was inside buying food. Why do firefighters use the fire apparatus to tend to non-emergency business?
A. To ensure the most effective service at the time of an emergency, our crews must remain with their fire apparatus during their entire shift. Our crews work 24-hour shifts, and they have no scheduled meal breaks. It is possible that on the way back to the fire station after a call, the crew could stop to pick up food or supplies for their station. (Meals are paid for by the firefighters.) They maintain constant radio communication with our fire alarm office and will respond to any emergency, regardless of their current location or non-emergency assignment. They don’t necessarily have to be sitting in the fire station to be dispatched to a call. Very often, our firefighters and paramedics spend long periods of their day running calls, without returning to the station or stopping to eat.

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