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Mosquito Season has arrived!

It’s Mosquito Season!

Norwich Township has contracted with Franklin County Public Health for mosquito control in 2018.  Franklin County Public Health uses an Integrated Pest Management approach with a public health focus to reduce and control disease-carrying mosquitoes.


Many tools and techniques are used throughout the mosquito season to help control the mosquito population.  


These include:


1)    Larviciding areas of stagnant water and storm water catch basins to prevent mosquitoes from hatching in these prime breeding sites.

2)    Surveillance of adult mosquito populations by setting traps weekly throughout the county.

3)    Testing of adult mosquitoes for the presence of disease.

4)    Adulticiding (spraying) using ultra low volume (ULV), truck-mounted equipment to treat residential areas to reduce adult mosquito populations.

5)    A variety of educational materials and awareness approaches.


In addition, historical data about mosquito breeding locations, areas that traditionally have high adult mosquito populations, and the frequency and distribution of mosquito-borne diseases throughout Franklin County also allow us to concentrate and focus our efforts.  We also rely on residents to report areas that they suspect may be mosquito breeding areas and/or when there is an increase in adult mosquito activity.

Detailed information about the mosquito program and a form to request service or report an area of concern is available on the website.  Visit www.myfcph.org or call Franklin County Public Health’s Mosquito Bite Line at (614)525-BITE.


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