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Fall Fire Hydrant Flush for Timberbrook Area

Aqua Ohio is scheduled to flush hydrants on October 30, 2018 in the Timberbrook area. Flushing will begin at 9:00 am and is scheduled until 4:00 pm, but may only take an hour or two. Signs will be posted in the area to remind residents of the schedule.  

Flushing is an important part of regular maintenance of fire hydrants.  It ensures that hydrants and valves are working properly and helps prevent sediment buildup.  There should be no interruptions in water service, but residents may notice a drop in water pressure or temporary water discoloration during flushing. 

If tap water is discolored, allow it to run until it is clear.  If possible, refrain from doing laundry while the flushing is taking place near your home to avoid staining.

If you have questions, contact Aqua Water at 614-882-6586.

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