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Pipes and Drums

Pipes and Drums

The Norwich Township Fire Department Pipes & Drums unit is committed to honoring our heritage, our profession and our community through music. The Norwich Township Fire Department Pipes and Drums unit was formed in April of 2000 with 6 members learning to play the bagpipes, 3 snare drums, a bass and a tenor drum.  After many months of practicing and traveling to different locations to meet with the instructors of the different disciplines, the band began to take shape.

In June of 2001, a Scottish woman named Ada Langley handmade our kilts in the Cunningham Tartan pattern.  Our initial uniform at this time consisted of the Kilt, white long sleeved shirt and black tie.  We wore White hose with a red flash and ghillies.  A bar sporran or a military sporran completed our uniform depending on the occasion.  In January of 2007, thanks to the Norwich Township Trustees, we were able to add a dress tunic to our uniform for formal occasions.

The Norwich Township Fire Department Pipes & Drums unit has performed at many functions.  Many of these were our own department functions and ceremonies but we have performed in many that honor our heritage. To date we have performed in 26 parades, 34 funerals, and 161 miscellaneous events.

This Norwich Township Fire Department Pipe & Drum unit would not exist without the support of following:
Norwich Township Trustees
Norwich Township Fire Department
George Fulcher, Pipe Instructor, Columbus Fire Dept.
John Maffett, Pipe Instructor, thepipershut.com
John Cross, Drum Instructor, Shamrock Club, Columbus, Ohio

We currently consist of 3 Pipers, 3 snare drummers, and 1 bass drummer.  We often combine with other local fire departments as well as the Columbus Shamrock Club to form a Pipe and Drum unit that is 30+ strong.

Members of the Norwich Township Fire Department Pipes & Drums unit are Mike Reiterman, Pipe Major, Mike Bidlack, Pipe, Lt. Aaron Johnston, Pipe, Steve Campbell, Snare Drum, Batt. Chief Greg Young, Snare Drum, Rob Young, Snare Drum and George Sorge, Bass Drum.

For information about requesting a performance of the Norwich Township Fire Department Pipes & Drums unit, please contact Mike Reiterman at mike_reiterman@norwichtownship.org.

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