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Rules and Regulations

The purchase of grave lots in Wesley Chapel Cemetery entitles you to burial rights and landscaping under the following rules and regulations:

1. Live flowers may be planted but only within 12 inches from the front and side of the grave stone. NO THORNY FLOWERS WILL BE PERMITTED. Lot owners are responsible for upkeep of all plantings. If left unattended, they will be removed.

2. Potted plants, baskets, wreaths and artificial flowers are permitted on graves ONLY on Easter, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These items are to remain no longer than five days.

3. Inverted vases are permitted for fresh cut flowers. Each grave lot may only have two vases.

4. Winter wreaths and baskets may be placed on graves anytime after November 15 and will be removed March 15.

5. Decorative rocks or wood chips are NOT permitted on any grave lots. These items pose a hazard to employees and visitors. Lot owners will be responsible for the cost of cleanup, as well as being held liable for any injuries.

6. No items or decorations are allowed on the columbarium.  Any such item placed may be removed at the discretion of the Township without notice.

7. All columbarium cover engraving will be done by a Township approved contractor using a specific font and size to maintain a consistent appearance.  You may include one personalized image not to exceed 2 3/8" x 3 1/8".  

8. No more than two basic non-ornate urns from cremation may be placed in a single columbarium niche, due to the size of each niche.  

9. No pet cremations.

10. Pets are NOT permitted in Wesley Chapel Cemetery.

11. Grave lots/niches cannot be placed on hold.


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