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Township Nuisance Information

As you look around your neighborhood, it is clear that not all of your neighbors care for their properties in the same way you would. If you have concerns that a property may be classified as a nuisance you may contact the Norwich Township Administration office at 614-876-7694 or submit a concern through the Contact tab on the home screen  (https://norwichtownship.org/contact-questions.php).  (Calls can remain annonymous.)

Most Frequent Nuisance Concerns:

Junk Motor Vehicles:  On occasion, we receive concerns about junk motor vehicles on a Norwich Township property.  In those situations, we work closely with Franklin County Zoning and follow the Ohio Revised Code 505.173 to determine if the vehicle meets the definition of a “junk motor vehicle”.  The criteria we follow is:

  1. Three model years old, or older;
  2. Apparently inoperable;
  3. Extensively damaged, including, but not limited to, any of the following: missing wheels, tires, engine, or transmission.

If a vehicle meets the criteria, we are able to issue a resolution requiring the removal of the vehicle (pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 505.871).  Contact Norwich Township at 614-876-7694 to notify the Township of a junk vehicle or contact the Franklin County Zoning Department directly at 614-525-3094.

Grass/Debris Nuisance:  When a homeowner’s grass, vegetation, garbage, refuse and other debris creates a problem, Ohio Revised Code Section 505.87 (http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/505.87) allows the Township to visually inspect it and declare it a nuisance.  Documentation of the nuisance must be approved at a Norwich Township Trustee meeting on the 1st or 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Once this occurs, the homeowner is notified and given seven days to remove the nuisance.  The process takes time; however, it typically resolves the problem.  Contact Norwich Township at 614-876-7694 (calls can remain annonymous) or use the Norwich Township Contact page (https://norwichtownship.org/contact-questions.php) to report a nuisance property.

Mosquitos:  Mosquito control within Norwich Township is provided by a contract with Franklin County Public Health (FCPH).  More information can be found by clicking here:  Mosquito Control or by visiting www.myfcph.org and selecting the Mosquito Dashboard.  You can report mosquito problems directly on the FCPH website, as well as request information on spraying in your neighborhood. 

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